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A Fábrica de Vilanova is a project that started in 2004 with the aim of turning a profession, sometimes hard, into a way of life. We started out from a bunch of hopes a a certain experience in this job, which got allied with privileged surroundings and a building full of history and character: an old leather factory from the XVII century, located by the old Romanic bridge on the Arnoia river, where the Templer Knights mounted guard centuries ago.

This challenge demanded a great amount of enthusiasm and no little effort which, in return, offered the freedom to test our own creativity with every change in a menu designed for costumers who really know what they want and why. In this sense we inclined ourselves for a cuisine which tries to combine season products and a contemporary style. That is why we cannot speak of one, but of various cards of menu at A Fábrica de Vilanova.

Opening hours


Monday to Sunday: 11:00-24:00


Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00-24:00

Sunday: 11:00-16:00 *

Monday: Closed *

* Except for eve of public holiday & public holidays when opening hours will be 11:00 a 24:00

For reservations please call

988 44 24 34


If you wish to host a truly special event without moving from your home, we can provide the most exclusive catering service. Contact with us and we shall take care of everything, from table clothing to the last detail. A professional staff and an excellent food are guarantee of success. From A FÁbrica de Vilanova we provide professional cooks cooking on site and all services needed so that you can offer your guests all the benefits of a restaurant at your own home. By the way, we shall be very pleased to do so for you even for a low number of guests.

The books

The Chef

In the last 14 years André Arzúa has run his restaurant “A Fábrica de Vilanova” in the picturesque town of Allariz in Ourense province, published several books, recorded for Galician television 5 seasons of “In the kitchen with André” and also featured in other TV programmes such as “Commando Chef”. Now this successful Galician chef has realized his latest dream and challenge with the opening of “Espazo Abella”, a gastronomical training center in Santiago de Compostela. André Arzúa, a modern Galician chef, multifaceted, television personality with many hours of hard work dedicated to reaching his objectives whilst always growing through constant learning.


Warm Starters

Cured iberian ham homemade croquettes


Dumplings with mussels and a spicy sour sauce


Onfit potatoes with egg and crunchy cured iberian ham (from acorn fed pigs)


Grilled octopus with a red berry vinaigrette


Aubergine tempura on a bed of hummus with a honey & lemonsauce


Potato gnocchi with a truffle and garlic sauce


Roasted apple, micuit, brie and Pedro Ximénez (sherry) timbale


Warm and Cold Starters

Duck ham and marinated salmon salad


Beef tartare with cured cheese (pdo arzúa-ulloa) crostini


Homemade galician pasty


Cured iberian cold meats platter


Cured iberian ham platter


Cheese platter with olive bread and banana quince


White truffle & mushroom homemade pâté served with 15,00
“pá amb tomaquet” (catalan bread with a tomato spread)



Monkfish with a norway lobster risotto


Grilled red tuna with pistachios and homemade guacamole


Black rice with cuttlefish, cockles and aioli (for 2 people)


Cod kokotxas (fish throats) on a fish velouté sauce with baby vegetables


Large white beans stew with clams (for 2 people)



Salted pressed pig head with pistachios and pine nuts on a parsnipcream bed


Smoked sirloin steak with “punched” potatoes and crispy foie gras


Orange glazed iberian pork shoulder


Partridge canelones with creamed truffle potato


Taster menu

(all diners)

Aperitif of the day


Beef tartare with cured cheese (pdo arzúa-ulloa) crostini


Roasted apple, micuit, brie and Pedro Ximénez (sherry) timbale


Cod kokotxas (fish throats) on a fish velouté sauce with baby    vegatables


Partridge canelones with creamed truffle potato


Creamy chocolate


Coffee and homemade chocolate bonbons


Wine: Eidos Ermos (DO Ribeiro) or Guímaro (DO Ribeira Sacra)


Pistachio tuiles, chocolate ice cream, salt and olive oil


Lemongrass caramelized cake with tart apple ice cream


Matcha tea ice cream with crispy honey puffed rice


Chocolate cream


Fried milk with arzúa cheese ice cream and port wine


Lemon tiramisu


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Rúa Vilanova, s/n, 32660 Allariz (Ourense)
Phone 988 442 434


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